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The Neo-Nazis in Modern Eastern Germany

East Germany has been struggling with Neo-Nazism that’s also spreading across the globe. This sample analytical essay analyzes the reasons for the rise in Neo-Nazism as well as its dangerous implications on Germany and the world.

Literary Analysis on Atticus Haygood and his Our Brother in Black: His Freedom and His Future

Atticus Haygood won the battle against slavery and championed the rights of black former slaves. However, something was missing in his rhetoric.

Free Sample Term Paper: Pythagoras of Samos

Read a full example of a term paper on the life of Pythagoras. Only here at CustomEssayMeister

The Nazi Legacy

The Nazi Party left legacies that continue to affect society today. Researchers uncover more Nazi burial sites, Nazi hunters continue to hunt living Nazi members, and neo-Nazism is slowly emerging in the U.S.

Sample Essay: The Veil of Racism Worn by Modern Society

Racism has been the society's disease since time immemorial. Here is a short sample descriptive reflection paper on how racism looks like in the modern society.

Sample Literary Analysis on the Character "Sula" by Toni Morrison

Sula is one of Toni Morrison’s best works. The character of Sula is complex and unforgettable. Read CustomEssayMeister’s sample book report that summarizes and analyzes the novel Sula.

Sample Narrative Essay: Why I Want to Become a Nurse

Even at a young age, I harbored no illusions that nursing is an easy or glamorous job. But I cannot think of a profession more rewarding than being a nurse, for helping others is the nurse's reward

Sample Research Paper: The Pacific Ocean

The Pacific Ocean is a vast body of water that covers more than 30% of the planet’s surface. It plays an important role in the fishing industry and global trade. Read this sample term paper to learn more about this ocean.

Sample Research Essay on The Indian Ocean

Read a full example of a research essay for free only here at CustomEssayMeister!

Sample Term Paper on The History of the Celts

Where did Celts originally come from? Check the Celts History Term Paper example (1,000+ words) to find ideas for your own work

Essay on Application of the Laws of Supply and Demand

The laws of supply and demand are basic laws of economics that explain most economic-related events and activities. This essay discusses these laws and provides examples to help readers understand the topics.

Studying the Similarities and Differences of Romeo and Juliet Versions 1968 and 1996

Free Essay: Movie Compare and Contrast There are many similarities and differences between the sixties version of Romeo and Juliet and the modern version of the classic Romeo and Juliet.

Napoleon Bonaparte: The Life of France’s Emperor

While Napoleon certainly plunged Europe into chaos for years, there is no denying his brilliance and his lasting contributions that exist to this day. Here is a sample MLA essay on Napoleon Bonaparte

Essay on Current Events: COVID-19 Situation in India

India is currently facing one of the world’s scariest sudden second wave of COVID-19 cases. Find out what it is happening and what it means

Research Paper on Health Effects of Smoking

A brief research paper on the adverse health effects of cigarette smoking by CustomEssayMeister