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Between classes, extracurricular activities, and tending to their personal lives, a student must find ways to complete other academic requirements like homework, projects, and PowerPoint presentations . We should know, because we were once students, too. Fortunately, times have changed and there are now more ways to lighten that academic load, and one of these is by availing of our affordable custom term paper writing services. As a company that specializes in providing affordable term papers, CustomEssayMeister understands how writing excellent term papers can be a daunting task even for the best students. For this reason, we are ready to help by providing our clients with only well-researched, original, and high-quality term papers.

What is a term paper?

A term paper is an academic paper that high school and college students are required to turn in at the end of a quarter or a semester. A student's term paper grade accounts for a large percentage of their final grade because it represents the learning curve of a student for the semester. Not to be confused with research papers , term papers seek to demonstrate a student's accumulated knowledge on the course by creating a relatively unique perspective, further elaboration of a concept, or assessment of an event. The failure to turn in a term paper inevitably results in a failing grade, if not a low grade. Term papers that are turned in must be exceptionally well-written and free from plagiarism. Regardless of the type of project that your term paper is, sources must be cited and referenced properly, in keeping with the prescribed academic citation style.

What should a term paper do?

Depending on your professor’s prompt and the topic you choose to write about, your term paper could resemble a research paper, an argumentative paper, an expository essay, or a compare and contrast essay . If your professor provided a prompt, look for keywords that will hint at their expectations. To help you plan your term paper, here are the things your term paper may accomplish:

  • Investigate. You will research deeper into a topic that is not yet well-researched.
  • Organize. Similar to research, you find sources. But you also seek out logical continuity to their content.
  • Synthesize. You will research different materials, analyze each one, and combine ideas to show patterns and relations.
  • Analyze.  You will critically analyze arguments by examining their evidence and logic.
  • Clarify. You will elucidate on difficult material to make its arguments clearer to the reader.
  • Filter and focus. You will remove irrelevant issues and emphasize the main issues of a complex topic.
  • Place in a broader context. Relate a subject to historical precedents or other fields to show where it fits in the broader context.
  • Argue a point of view. You will show how the evidence proves one point of view to be the better or correct side of an issue.

While deciding your topic or formulating your thesis, you may find yourself focusing on only one or two of these keywords. However, in the process of writing your term paper, you may need to do more to accomplish your objectives.

Choosing a term paper topic

Your term paper topic is crucial to the quality of your output. In most cases, professors also factor the topic selection into the overall grade. While you can write about what you want in your term paper, there is a right and wrong topic. Here are some things to consider:

  • A term paper is specific to a course you are taking, so it’s a requirement that you work on a topic that is part of your syllabus. However, you should not be limited by these. The topics in your syllabus should serve as stepping stones for your term paper topic.
  • Your term paper topic should be specific enough. Simply writing about, for instance, hate crimes in the US would not suffice. This is a general topic that would lead to an unorganized term paper. It would be better to write about, for example, how President Trump’s rhetoric fuels hate crimes in the US.
  • Your term paper topic should not focus on your opinion. It should actively engage other scholars’ research and ideas.
  • With the above statement in mind, your term paper should not be merely a summary of other people’s research. There should be ample analysis (note: analysis, not opinion) from you.

Term Paper Structure

Title Page

The first page of your term paper. It contains your name, course, and your professor’s name. This should strictly follow the prescribed citation style format so that it looks professional.


The abstract is usually a paragraph long and briefly describes the content of the term paper.

Table of Contents

Your Table of Contents is the outline of your term paper. It provides the reader with a sneak peek at the structure and content of your paper. This should be organized and formatted well.


The Introduction is your first impression of the reader, so it should be creative and interesting but also informative. This paragraph ultimately sets the tone of your term paper so it should embody your take on the topic. 

Your introduction should be able to balance between hooking the reader’s attention and giving them sufficient information about your topic. In a page or less, you should be able to clearly define your term paper’s topic and purpose, state its significance, and present your thesis statement.

Literature Review

Discuss the research that has been done concerning your topic. This section should give your readers a clearer picture of where your term paper is going. In literature reviews, the standard practice is to start with general information or ideas toward specific or more complex ideas. You need to make sure that you are easing your readers slowly into your paper's position.

Body Paragraphs

The body paragraphs are where you expound on your thesis statement and attempt to accomplish your purpose for writing a term paper. Your main body should be organized logically. So, if your goal is to expound on a new idea or take on a subject, you should start your body with a run-through of previous ideas before proceeding to present yours. Likewise, if you are presenting a counterargument to a previous stand, you must adequately explain the argument. In the same way, you should break down your arguments into smaller bits. It’s easier to organize your thoughts and explain the components of your argument this way.


The conclusion is the final paragraph of your term paper, so it is the one to close the argument. Students typically summarize and restate their thesis in the conclusion—and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, in a term paper, you must end with a bang, not a whisper. How can you do this? Focus on presenting the bottom line of your term paper. Of course, the thesis of your term paper should still be reflected in your conclusion, but don’t stop there. What should your reader’s takeaway be after reading what you have presented?


This is where your sources will be listed. Make sure to follow the academic formatting prescribed by your professor. These should be accompanied by in-text citations or endnotes throughout the paper. Do not neglect or do this part haphazardly. Citations and citation styles are important in research to avoid plagiarism.

Tips for writing a term paper

  • Write for your reader. Although your intended reader is only your professor, it would help you to think of a layman or the general public as your reader. This way you will be able to explain ideas and concepts in a simple manner. 
  • Do not imitate the language of your sources. This would result in an awkward term paper that may even be suspected of plagiarism.
  • Diversify your sources. Do not rely only on internet sources. There is a wealth of information available in libraries that may not be available online.
  • Remember that your term paper is not a compilation of what you found in your research. Analyze, analyze, analyze!
  • Always explicitly state or demonstrate the connection between your ideas. Do not imply connections because your readers are not mind readers.
  • Use descriptive headings and sub-headings. Ideally, the heading and sub-heading titles should give the reader an idea of what to expect in the incoming section.
  • Use transitional sentences and topic sentences.
  • Make a clear distinction between your own ideas and those from your sources.
  • Minimize direct quotations, and when you do, introduce the quote first.

End the term with a bang!

Like millions of students, you are in college to prepare for a better future. You are there to learn life skills that will help you land your dream job. Whether you like it or not, term papers are part of your college life. It is one of the requirements that will teach you research and writing skills. 

A term paper, like research and writing skills, is a prerequisite for passing a course. What to do if you’re not fond of writing, then? Should you continue being held hostage by an instructor? Of course, not. Allow our writers to take on the responsibility. With the price of tuition, looming student loans , escalating gas prices, parents monitoring grades, and the pressures of college academics, you need to find better ways to reduce stress in college .  CustomEssayMeister employs freelance writers that understand what's at stake and treat each client with respect. Our support team is excited about your experience with our writers, so if you have questions, contact us with the click of your mouse. Writing college papers should be about your interests and not being held helpless by your professor's mean streak. When instructors assign complex subject matters, allow our writers the opportunity to complete your college papers with special care. Take the worry out of writing college papers and focus on the courses that make you happy. Help is waiting.









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