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Pursuing a Master’s or a PhD degree is an important milestone in the life of any individual. It can introduce you to more opportunities and deeper knowledge in your field. A postgraduate degree requires more research and writing than most students expect. Postgraduate studies revolve around research—in particular, your dissertation. 

If you are still unsure about how and where to start writing a dissertation proposal , you will need PhD help. Your PhD proposal is the starting point of your dissertation. It is not something that you can write haphazardly. Your dissertation proposal must be well-thought out and well-written because the approval for your dissertation depends on it. It is not just the stepping stone toward completing your dissertation and therefore your postgraduate degree, it is also the foundation of your research.

What Is A Dissertation Proposal? Is It Important?

A dissertation proposal is a document that presents your research goals and proposed research methods. It should demonstrate to the dissertation committee that your research is worth pursuing and that the research is well within your ability and means. The dissertation proposal is useful for postgraduate candidates as it helps establish the topic and method you want. The process of writing a PhD dissertation proposal could reveal the feasibility of your topic as well as any other loophole in your plans. But the dissertation proposal is also there to help your dissertation advisor understand your research and give you the appropriate guidance.

Dissertation proposal is the first step on the path to your dissertation. This document is where theses and dissertations begin. Your set of panelists evaluate the feasibility of your topic, research questions, and research methods at the very least. An excellent dissertation proposal should immediately give a clear overview of what you plan to research using your own data-gathering skills.

Contrary to common academic myths, a doctorate proposal is not an insignificant requirement in the process of writing a dissertation . It is crucial and it is as much a part of the foundation of your dissertation as the annotated bibliography and the literature review. If you are not sure about how to write a great dissertation proposal, a dissertation proposal writing help could help you tackle this first requirement so you can get on with your dissertation research.

Why Is It So Hard To Write A Dissertation Proposal?

There are a lot of factors that make writing a PhD proposal difficult. Do not beat yourself up if you have been having difficulty writing a dissertation proposal. It is a meticulous process that takes a long time and a lot of effort. Here’s why a lot of students struggle with completing the work:

  • It is intimidating . Students may not be fully aware but dissertation proposal writing is an intimidating endeavor. Not only are you new to a postgraduate school, but you are also being asked to plan research that you will spend more than four years working on.

  • Inadequate research . Are you having writer’s block in writing your dissertation proposal? That may be a sign that the research you did is inadequate. Your knowledge of your dissertation topic and methodology should be solid in your mind. If you look at any dissertation proposal example, you will find a long list of references. Skimming through a few sources will not suffice even at this stage.

  • Unrefined writing skills . It is a long-standing fact that a lot of students graduate high school and college with rudimentary writing skills. They have not been trained to write in the professional level, which makes the dissertation proposal seem like a momentous task. Do not worry—you are not the only one who may need a little help.

  • Procrastination . All these factors may cause you to feel overwhelmed and delay starting work on your doctorate proposal. Writing your dissertation proposal a day or two before submission will make the process more stressful. Plus, you may not produce the best you can.

There are a lot of things to consider when writing a dissertation proposal, which makes it unsurprising that a lot of students find it so difficult. However, these things should not stop you from getting your postgraduate degree. CustomEssayMeister’s research proposal writing service can help you get one step closer to your postgraduate degree.

The biggest problem in writing a dissertation proposal is the fact that writing one is highly intimidating, especially if it is your first time writing one. The lack of research, unrefined writing skills, and procrastination make the situation worse.

How Will a Dissertation Proposal Writing Service Help You?

CustomEssayMeister offers online writing services for those who are having trouble with their academic requirements. We have been around for almost a decade and have helped thousands of students like you. We offer all kinds of writing services but this particular section focuses on proposal and dissertation help writing services for postgraduate students like you who badly need a dissertation proposal help.

As a PhD research proposal writing service, CustomEssayMeister offers assistance on every step of your dissertation journey—from topic selection to dissertation research proposal to annotated bibliography to literature review all the way to writing the dissertation and formatting the document (check out this PhD thesis proposal example for what your proposal should contain). You can ask us to help with your entire dissertation or just with parts that you find most difficult, such as the dissertation proposal.

CustomEssayMeister is dedicated to giving our customers the best dissertation service so we’ve continued to expand our knowledge on several subject fields in order to give our customers a dissertation research proposal with legitimate and accurate facts and evidence to support the whole research.

Why do we consider our service the best dissertation proposal writing service?

We invest in forming teams of professionals who can handle all students’ orders and concerns. We have spent years cultivating professionals and improving our services so students like you can get the best PhD proposal writing service, which includes:

  • Simple website - We value our clients’ time and recognize that some may not have the luxury to explore tons of websites to choose one. This is why our website is straight-forward and the order process is simple and hassle-free. Ordering requires only a few simple clicks!

  • Affordable prices - We recognize the fact that not all students have extra money they can spend on whatever they want, so we took a lot of time in setting affordable prices for our dissertation writing services in order to give our customers reasonable prices that fit their budget.

  • 24/7 dissertation proposal assistance - Our clients trust us with their dissertation proposals, and we do not want to take that trust for granted. We see to it that we are able to answer their calls and resolve their concerns about their dissertation whenever it is convenient for them.

  • 5-step order process - You only need to fill out an order form and provide your payment details, then orders will automatically be placed in the system. This process takes only 5 steps. You only need to wait for the finished paper once you have placed your order. 

  • Great quality content – Our writers follow academic writing rules as well as follow our protocols put in place to ensure the high quality of every paper. Part of this is the proofreading process done by professional editors, which also ensures that papers are aligned with clients’ instructions.

  • 100% unique dissertation proposals - Plagiarism violates CustomEssayMeister’s company ethics. We impose the same level of strictness on our writers when it comes to plagiarism. Your academic integrity is as important as our integrity as a research proposal writing service.

  • Professional dissertation writers - We managed to maintain high-quality output by maintaining an equally high standard in selecting writers. All of our writers are university/Master’s/PhD-graduates and have mastery of a specific field so that all of our clients’ needs will be catered to.

  • Deadlines and revisions - Deadlines are sacred in postgraduate school, so we make it a point to meet all our clients’ deadlines. Our writers are capable of writing dissertation proposals on short notice, but it is worth noting that having adequate time to write means better output. If ever your proposal does not meet your instructions, you have the privilege of asking for a revision.

Thousands of students have trusted CustomEssayMeister to write their doctoral dissertation proposal for them. This service formula has been tried and tested, but we continue to find ways to improve so that the next generation of doctoral candidates get even better proposal writing help from us.

CustomEssayMeister provides all kinds of writing assistance when it comes to dissertations - from writing a dissertation proposal to proofreading the final manuscript. We got it all covered at very cheap rates.

What Else Can CustomEssayMeister Offer?

CustomEssayMeister offers all types of academic writing services for students of all levels. If you are a postgraduate student, you may find these most relevant:

  • Dissertation proposal introduction

  • Dissertation proposal abstract

  • Research proposal writing help

  • Qualitative dissertation proposal outline

  • Quantitative dissertation proposal outline

We can write doctorate proposals for a wide range of fields—from law dissertation to biology dissertation to marketing dissertation topics . No matter how niche you think your dissertation topic is, we will most likely have a writer who can help you. But it is not just proposal writing help we offer. CustomEssayMeister can also help you write your dissertation and other course assignments.

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